Meet The RechargedMD Team


Fayola Edwards-Ojeba, MD

Founder and CEO

RechargedMD is the brainchild of Founder and CEO, Dr. Fayola Edwards-Ojeba. Her mission is to positively impact the healthcare system and improve the practice of medicine.

Susana Morales

Lead Principal Consultant

Susana Morales joins RechargedMD as a Lead Principal Consultant. She shares the mission and vision of RechargedMD to supports the growth of leadership and organizational culture in the healthcare industry.

Tanya Truong

Lead Principal Consultant

Tanya Truong joins RechargedMD as a Lead Principal Consultant. She shares the mission to enhance the healthcare industry culture, foster physician engagement via leadership development, and advance the quality of healthcare delivery. 


Horst Govin

Principal Consultant

Horst Govin joins RechargedMD as a Principal Consultant with the mission of enabling health care professionals to achieve their full potential and optimizing medical culture.

Jen Wilson

Principal Consultant

Jen Wilson joins RechargedMD as a Principal Consultant, bringing her expertise in creating a culture of engagement and team collaboration to healthcare organizations.

Dr. Leonard Su

Principal Consultant

Dr. Leonard Su joins RechargedMD as a Principal Consultant with his experience in issues of mental health of physicians in the healthcare system.

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli

Physician Coach

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli joins RechargedMD as a Physician Coach.

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