Through a proprietary survey, RechargedMD provides an analysis of physicians' experiences in a particular healthcare system.  Specifically, it identifies major stressors that could be contributing to physician disengagement.  There are many known challenges within the current healthcare model, including complexity of the EHR, decreased reimbursement rates, fear of litigation. 


The Phase I assessment helps to quantify this impact, as well as identify physicians who might be at risk of resigning as a result.  There is great value in knowing the scale of burnout, the contributing factors, and the resulting cost.

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In Phase II, RechargedMD provides a framework for addressing physician burnout through a novel approach and paradigm.  Based on the results of the phase I assessment, a comprehensive program is designed to include customized workshops, 1:1 coaching, and leadership training. 


The aim is to improve the healthcare system in which clinicians are practicing, thereby reducing occupational stress, decreasing turnover rates, and improving morale.  This impactful approach can have far reaching positive results on culture change, physician job satisfaction, and ultimately patient experience. 

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Leadership Certification



Phase III is a certification program for physicians who have interest in effecting meaningful change within a healthcare system.  The Emerging Leaders Certification Program provides a curriculum that empowers physicians to positively influence their institution. 


Through enhancement of their leadership and business skills, physicians are given the tools to collaborate with administration as healthcare continues to evolve.  Together, physicians and administrators can be at the forefront of improved communication, achievement of shared goals, and optimization of patient care delivery.

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Re-evaluation & Maintenence



Phase IV involves a repeat assessment to measure reduction in perceived stressors, in addition to improvement in physician morale and engagement.   


Through the closing exercises, participants are able to reflect upon the organizational culture transformation and their individual development.  The culmination of this process is ongoing success, improved physician experience, and maintenance of lasting results. 

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