Women Physician Online Peer Group 

Female physicians confront unique challenges over the course of their career—from experiencing undermining subtleties in their clinical practice to overt discrimination such as lower salaries and fewer leadership roles.

In order to navigate these challenges together, as well as foster an inclusive environment that promotes growth and development in both our personal and professional lives, we've created an online group coaching program designed specifically for women in medicine.

Led by certified physician coaches, we'll discuss topics such as physician identity, overcoming imposter syndrome, clarifying professional goals, navigating the stress of clinical practice, reframing the culture of medicine and much more. As a result of your participation, we hope that you will form lasting bonds, strengthen your leadership skills, and make strides in your personal and professional development.

Cultivating A Leadership Mindset: Three ways we can improve as leaders by nurturing our inner-selves

How It’ll Work

Goals of Our Program

  • Connect with other women physicians in similar career stages

  • Define and advance personal & professional goals

  • Provide a space to be vulnerable and connect about the experience of clinical practice.

  • Online group discussion and coaching facilitated by a certified physician coach 

  • 1-hour sessions, occurring every 2 weeks 

  • Total of 7 facilitated sessions


  • Group to start on Saturday, June 13th, 2020 

  • Fee dependent on program chosen ($1960 for group coaching program only, $2600 for group coaching program and individual coaching sessions)  

  • Small group size of 5-7 participants 

We hope you'll join our community of women in medicine who are supporting, empowering, and learning from one another. Together, we can thrive!

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