Individual Coaching

Here at RechargedMD, our top priority has always been ensuring the well-being of physicians, and by extension, the patients who routinely rely on them for their care and expertise.

We understand the burdens physicians face in clinical practice. Many of us have had our own experiences of burnout, including the feelings of isolation and helplessness it can bring. Through peer coaching, we help to guide physicians to a deeper sense of personal and professional fulfillment in order to heal, build community, and be empowered.

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How It Works

Goals of Our Program

  • Gain clarity in personal and professional goals 

  • Provide a space to be vulnerable about both clinical and personal experiences    

  • Build community and gain additional resources for support

  • Online coaching session facilitated by a certified physician coach 

  • Biweekly, 1-hour sessions 

  • 3 month or 5 month program 



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  • Fee of $1,810 for 3-month program and $2900 for 5-month program

We hope you'll join our community of physicians who are supporting, empowering, and learning from one another. Together, we can thrive!