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Coaching Helps Women Physicians Overcome the Unique Challenges of Being a Woman in Medicine

By Tracy Asamoah, MD

Whether you’re feeling frustrated and stressed, experiencing burnout, or just feeling stuck, a physician coach might be just the partner you need.

Women physicians face unique challenges on their medical career path. Often juggling many personal and professional roles, many women physicians struggle with feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, and overlooked. Some experience self-doubt about being able to manage their roles effectively.

Physician Support Line

Physician Support Line is a national, free, and confidential support line service made up of 600+ volunteer psychiatrists, joined together in the determined hope to provide peer support for our physician colleagues as we all navigate the COVID-19 epidemic.

Cultivating A Leadership Mindset

Three ways we can improve as leaders by nurturing our inner-selves

A Guide to Cultivating Community

Here’s a guide on creating community that will show you where to begin building this connection and belongingness in your own life.



How to implement systems-based solutions to combatting burnout in your organization.

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