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Grow Your Internal Wellness Program

Our customizable 4-phase approach is designed to meet your needs, support physicians, and promote organizational health.

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- interview to assess organizational needs

- meeting with senior leadership and key stakeholders

- generating a roadmap for creating your wellness program

Physician Coach Training

- certification program to train internal physicians

- Training techniques for 1:1 and group coaching





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Online Platform Implementation

- Easily schedule internal peer coaching

-Built-in surveys 

-Scalable platform that can be used to work across departments

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Re-evaluation & Maintenance

- Post-assessment tools

- Measure impact

- Promote sustainable change

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this platform?

The purpose of the RechargedMD online platform is to simplify the administrative work involved with managing internal wellness programs within medical organizations.

I am an individual who would like to use this platform for personal reasons. Is this platform for me?

This app is not intended for personal use by individuals.

How can I access this platform?

It can be accessed via the web, as an iPhone app, or as an Android app.

Is there a cost to use this platform

The use of this platform does come with a fee. Please contact for more information.

How can I get in contact with RechargedMD?

You may contact us at or submit a request through the contact form.

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